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In brief:

Attind Consulting is an International business organization established in 2019 with head office in Nigeria and branch office in France.
Attind consulting provides visibility study, market research and consulting. Our aim is to create better consumer alternative.

We attain this by building passion and drive while collaborating with investors and talented entrepreneurs to create and lead international businesses in new and emerging markets.

Our approach is to develop research solution that has contextual and strategic fit to the cultures and business behaviors of the markets we operate in.

Our objective is to develop and grow profitable international business and investment that have high value social impact;

• Collaborating with partners to build business relationships

• Investing in international ventures

• Consulting services within international partners and business transformation

We are committed to ensuring business excellence and astounding corporate governance standards in the operation of our businesses and in our partnership relationships.

Forward thinking.
Future success.

We provide operational support and oversee projects until the (predefined) goal is reached, and beyond, if required. Our recommendations bring useful, tangible results and can be implemented immediately with or without our assistance.